2020-03-03 12:38 Hit to(in) the movement. ;o)
2020-03-03 13:39 Tao, speak to u.s. G-:
Story: ;o) G-: means in good? Yes, of course.

2020-03-03 18:17 I ti tei to wei i ni ti vi ti. (Done.)
2020-03-03 21:54 Erva ereva. (Done II.) {I didn't see any film with Bruce Lee, but I know that dragon goes up and down like is changing field of a film in camera, and he went with it. First! Like his name was Must May.}
2020-03-05 09:39 Meeway i te tereba, ha:re pita vereba. {Times from when technic Budha start to installed program Christianity. ;o) }
2020-07-11 03:20 Now, when you cannot to asking War, thanks to Netera sub-marines, what will be next? Christianity, white world?
2021-08-21 11:27 Liitle story in a story: When see God a walk in life of today christianity, find out an atteismus! Really! Son of God: "You are realy breake, my father!"
2022-10-31 15:46 Something is not me - me is with you - together - budhism -t-a-o- christianity. Everything is like you - hard & jeles. & nobody is like dark side of Kan-Li - must to be to...